Niemes Elementary…

Success with CaptureNotes

Niemes Elementary is a Verizon Innovative Learning School. We received a grant this past Fall that allowed us to go 1:1 with iPads in our 5th grade classes. I am one of the 5th grade teachers, and the tech coach for this grant.

It has been an exciting adventure! This adventure has been helped with the wonderful app, CaptureNotes2! I can truly say that I do not think our program would be as successful as it is without the CaptureNotes2 app. My students, and I use it every day!

My students have virtual binders for every subject, and notebooks within those binders. It does not just allow them to take notes, but add pictures to those notes!

This app is a great learning tool for my students. Students go to our state-of-the-art science lab once a month. During that time they can take photos and notes of the experiments in their CaptureNotes2 app. This is helpful, because it allows them to refer back to their notes and photos later in order to complete a formal science lab write-up.

I can also email my students any PDF, which they can then open in CaptureNotes2. Once their PDF is in their correct notebook they can annotate it, and even email it back to me for assessment.

Since using CaptureNotes2 I have noticed a vast improvement in my students’ note-taking and study skills. They are able to refer back to their notes easily, no more “I can’t find it.”

At the conclusion of our school year, we learned other schools in our district are planning on going 1:1 next year. CaptureNotes 2 has been highly recommended by our staff to all the schools in our district.

Any school looking for a great note-taking app, should be using CaptureNotes2.

Lora Ballard – Niemes Elementary, Artesia, CA

To learn more about the program at Niemes and see the entire video created by the students on how they use their iPads, please go to the Niemes 2013 Showcase