FAQs for CaptureNotes

We hope you find that CaptureNotes is easy to use. To help you get productive even faster, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If you find a topic we didn’t cover, please let us know.

CaptureNotes FAQs

How Do I add a PDF to a Notebook?

Please watch our brief tutorial video to learn how to add a PDF to a CaptureNotes Notebook.

How do I use Page Actions: Duplicate, Delete, Move and Copy Pages to another Notebook?

Press & hold the page thumbnail to activate the Page Actions.


CaptureNotes FAQs: Page Actions


How do I reorder Binders & Notebooks?

Press any Binder or Notebook with two fingers and hold to move. You will notice the chosen Binder increases slightly in size, with a “ghost” of the same Binder in the position. As you move the grabbed Binder, the ghost will move in your Library. Once you reach the desired position for the Binder, remove your fingers. The Binder will snap into position.

How do I rename Binders & Notebooks?

Press & hold the Binder or Notebook name. The Editing menu appears.
Alternatively, you can tap the Action button at bottom right and select Edit Binder / Notebook.

How do I delete Binders & Notebooks?

Tap the Action button at bottom right. A Cancel or Delete confirmation box appears.

Warning: once deleted, Binders and Notebooks can only be recovered if you have properly backed up your data.

How do I close a Notebook?

You can exit an active Notebook in one of two ways:
If you select the (back arrow), you will return to your list of Notebooks in the current Binder.
Tapping ::: will take you back to your Library. From the Library, you can open or create a new Binder.

Unfortunately, CaptureNotes has crashed a few times. What should I do?

CaptureNotes uses a database to store your information: pen, keyboard, audio, Flags, etc. Occasionally, the database can benefit from a “rebuild”.
If you are experiencing technical problems, you may want to follow these detailed instructions to perform a backup/reinstall/restore cycle.


In CaptureNotes:
Connect your iPad to your computer
Go to Settings
Select the Data Backup tab
Select Export to iTunes
The file will begin processing
When completed you will see a message like “Export file: CN_Export_YYMMDD_TTTT.zip” at the bottom of the settings section with a checkmark underneath
Your backup has been created and copied to iTunes

Important: Copying the backup out of iTunes is required… Otherwise, when you delete CaptureNotes from the iPad, you will lose your data.

On your computer:

      1. Ensure your iPad is connected to your syncing computer
      2. Select your iPad from the device selection
      3. Select the Apps tab at the top
      4. Scroll to the bottom File Sharing area, and Select CaptureNotes
        CaptureNotes FAQs: Backing Up to iTunes
      5. Select the CN_Export_YYMMDD_TTTT.zip file… It will be highlighted, then select Save to…CaptureNotes FAQs: Backing Up to iTunes
      6. Choose the desired location
      7. Select Open to copy the file to your computer


  1. Using the Application Switcher, close all running applications
  2. Double tap the Home button to open the Application Switcher
  3. Tap the X (for pre-iOS 7) or swipe up to close each app
  4. Perform a Hard Reboot. Press & hold the Home Button & On/Off Button (simultaneously)
  5. Continue holding after the iPad shuts down (until you see the silver Apple logo)
  6. Release the buttons when the iPad restarts. All internal memory will be released.


  1. Reinstall CaptureNotes from the App Store (there will be no charge to you if you sign in using the same Apple account)
  2. Import the backup data file (detailed instructions can be found in the Backup & Import Help Notebook)