The Best Productivity Blogs

If you’re like us, you’re regularly trying to optimize your time and improve your habits. We read tons of books and blogs, listen to hundreds of podcasts, chat with smart friends and watch TED Talks & YouTube videos. If you’re up for tuning into some great sources of productivity hacks and advice regarding good life habits, here’s our list of favorite productivity blogs.

zen habits

Zen Habits charter is “finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.” Zenmaster Leo Babauta writes based on his life experiences and will calm you down in short order.


We’ve read Lifehacker for years. Not every article is smart, not every topic is essential, but the stories that you find that are good can be really good. Like save 20 minutes of your day good.

Scott Young

With the goal of teaching “what’s the best way to learn?”, Scott Young is particularly applicable to those of you who use CaptureNotes and CaptureAudio. For those students among you using our apps, you’ll benefit greatly from Scott’s study hacks.

Cal Newport

Cal Newport‘s teachings are real gamechangers. We’ve written about Cal before and we swear by the approach in his productivity blogs. Deep Work, his latest book, emphasizes the importance of removing distraction and working on the most important projects, not frittering away your time on Facebook and Snapchat. We know, that hurts, but if you want to do great things in your life, they’re probably not going to happen by simply reading your news feed.

Steve Pavlina

“Personal Development for Smart People” seems like a worthy goal of any blog. Whether it’s inspiration or lifehacking, the tips from Steve Pavlina can help you sharpen your own knife.

Time Management Ninja

We’ve read TMJ about as long as we’ve read Lifehacker (a looooooong time), a testament that their goal to “help individuals and companies reclaim their time” must have been met a few times (else we’d unsubscribe and unfollow!).

Productivity 501

Technology provider Mark Shead’s Productivity501 provides (mostly) weekly tips to help increase personal productivity. Topics vary from optimizing your next car purchase to organizing the stuff on your desk. Variety in a productivity blog is a good thing.


Arguably the godfather of personal productivity, David Allen’s GTD blog is useful reading any time. We read the book way back in 2002, then the update in 2015 (it’s timeless). Read the book first, then read the blog, and then listen to the podcast…and then…

43 Folders

Nice: “a very simple guide…so you can get back to making something awesome.” If nothing else, you can use the 43 Folders ‘how to’ section to make your life suck less. Beyond that, you can find ways to free up time to do deep work. Yes, please.


Get a better handle on technology with MakeUseOf. It’s like geek squad online. Except it works.

Dumb Little Man

The creator of DLM says he is into “productivity, exceeding goals, automation, and, well, finding a simpler way for everything.” Sounds…vaguely…familiar… Don’t be stupid, read Dumb Little Man.

The Tim Ferris Experiment

Perhaps we saved the best for last. Although it takes way more than four hours to do any job and make a living, the idea of optimizing and mastering the important things sure makes a great deal of sense. Tim Ferris’s podcast is ridiculous enough, but add “5 Bullet Fridays” and you’re probably moving up in life.


The Best Productivity Blogs

Do you have a favorite? Let us know. We’re hopeful that everything we do gets easier and better over time…


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