Back-to-School Study Tips

With school starting for nearly everyone over the next few weeks, CaptureApps wanted to help you get in the right frame of mind to start the semester. We have assembled 7 quick and easy back-to-school study tips that will ease your transition from summer vacation to fall brawl!

1. Train your body clock.

If you’ve been staying up late and sleeping all day, that probably hurt your body’s internal clock for those 8am Biology classes. Start going to bed earlier the week before class. Set your alarm to get up earlier too. Even if you may have late nights once school gets going, you’ll be far better off with the internal rhythm of an early start.

2. Get organized.

Do you have your schedule already? Put together the first month’s calendar in your day planner or organizer. Do you need to order books? Do it! Can you read materials ahead of class? You have time… Whatever you can do to get materials and a head start will pay dividends all semester. Include office supplies, tools, documents, books…

3. Define your study space and schedule.

If you’re thinking ahead, you’ll have a great study program baked into your daily cake. Get your books, folders, papers and put them in one place (near your desk). Organize them so they’re easy to find (think color-coding, labeling, putting on the shelf a particular way). Look at your schedule and allocate time at the end of each day to study. We’ve documented before how beneficial a daily review is to learning and retention.

4. Collate materials.

As school kicks in, you’ll have an influx of materials. If you’ve already gotten organized, USE YOUR SYSTEM. For example, put the papers for Chemistry in the Chemistry folder/binder.

5. Track assignments and schedules.

As a corollary to collating materials, update your calendar. You’ll receive notifications about exams and assignments – make sure they are added to your calendar as they come in, perhaps during your daily recaps. The better you track your progress and events, the more likely you won’t be blindsided by a term paper or test.

6. Meet with your teachers or professors.

We may not have been very good at this one ourselves… 🙂 …but you should learn from our mistakes. Having rapport with your teachers is a great way to smooth out any challenges that arise. Learn what the expectations are. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t randomly show up for class and never take advantage of office hours – you’ll be glad you did it right.

7. Build your network.

We’re big fans of having study groups. Meet classmates and help with notes and assignments. Hint: this is an extremely valuable life skill.


Yes, Back-to-School Study Tips Can Help

Your mindset helps determine the results you get. If you set good habits early, you’ll reap rewards. We put together this easy list of back-to-school study tips to help you start off right. A small investment can yield great rewards. Are you ready to do your best work yet?



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