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CaptureApps: CaptureNotes & CaptureAudio

CaptureApps started from my desire to create an application to teach my daughter sight words. My youngest daughter was just learning to read when the iPhone came to market. Thinking about how my older daughter learned reading with sight words, I thought the iPhone would be an ideal platform.

Although the sight words app never made it, I decided to try the iPad for an initial application. I loved the idea of using the iPad for taking notes in my business meetings. That was the genesis for our first product, CaptureNotes.

Since then, we’ve added exciting features for both students and business users. In fact, we’ve rewritten the application a couple of times to address updates to iOS and to really create something we think will help every user be more productive. We also simplified the model of CaptureNotes to work on the iPhone (which you know as CaptureAudio). Using CaptureNotes and CaptureAudio, you can take notes with your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and share them between all your devices (and with your friends who use CaptureApps!).

Hopefully you’re getting more done with our apps. Let us know what you think.

Scott Bryan
G8R Software, Inc.