As you get to know people in your classes in high school or college, you may want to work together to learn more and do better in school. Here are seven benefits of joining a study group.

1. You Show Up!

“Half the secret of success in life is just showing up!” – Woody Allen

Rather than find something else to do (partying, watching TV, hanging out), you’ll be there. It enforces discipline.

2. You Share the Burden…

When you work in a group, chances are that you collect different bits of information. Missing notes from a class? Someone else may have notes from that day. Didn’t understand a concept? Maybe someone in your goup has notes in CaptureAudio or CaptureNotes so you can listen to it again…

3. Get Motivated.

A study group can pick you up, providing encouragement.

4. Peer Pressure Reduces Procrastination.

When you know you have a deadline like a group meeting, it forces you to prepare (else you let your peers down). FWIW, accountability is a key life lesson…

5. “Group Think” Can Help Everyone Learn (and Learn Faster).

With different minds in your group, you can tackle concepts from many angles. Got something wrong on the test? Someone else may be able to explain why. You fill in gaps for one another. If you’re “the smart one”, it actually helps strengthen your understanding when you teach the concepts.

6. Learn Alternative Study Methods.

Sometimes you’ll work with a group that thinks or studies differently than you do. This experience may enlighten you to new ways of studying that you hadn’t considered (for example, if someone takes notes using Cornell Method and shows you how they study more efficiently).

7. Have Fun Learning.

Studying doesn’t have to suck. You could actually enjoy your time working together in a group. These relationships can be the foundation for what it’s like after graduation – more of a real world experience than you can imagine at the time.


Clearly these are worthwhile benefits of joining a study group. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re actually attaining these benefits – if not, you should move on to another plan. With the right people around you, though, you’ll end up with stronger knowledge of your classes, and ultimately better grades.


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