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Capture the Moment

Take Notes BETTER with CaptureNotes for iPad

Write, Type, Audio Record, Take Photos…

CaptureNotes turns your iPad into a powerful note-taking tool so you won’t miss anything. Record presentations and your meetings, add your own notes, pinpoint critical topics with Flags, import Adobe Acrobat files, ake photos & add your own images. Then keep everything beautifully organized in binders and notebooks.

When you need to collaborate with colleagues or classmates, you can share notes to Dropbox and Evernote.

With CaptureNotes, you can capture EVERYTHING in your classes or meetings.

Keep It Simple with CaptureAudio for iPhone

More than a simple voice recorder…
for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

When capturing recordings is important, choose CaptureAudio for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch….

Recording a lecture or meeting is just the beginning. CaptureAudio combines audio recording with our innovative “Flag” marking system. Flags provide graphical and text elements to mark important positions in your recordings so you can get right back to them when reviewing.

  • Is it a test question?
  • Did the boss ask you to perform a task?
  • Is there a book you need to research?

Mark it with a Flag!

Why Take Notes with CaptureNotes and CaptureAudio?

Easily Record Audio Notes

Incredibly intuitive recording interface for an audio baseline to all your notes.

Capture the Right Moment

Use “Flags” to quickly mark important moments during recording and playback!

Organize with Notebooks

Stay organized with binders and notebooks – a beautiful and easy way to collect your notes.

Just Your Type

You can add typed notes during recording & playback too!

Tag It for Later

Add tags to completed notes, using your own keywords to retrieve your notes faster later.

Stay in Sync

Share notes between your other devices with Dropbox Sync. Access anywhere!

What People Say

If you’re a student heading back to school, you may be considering going above and beyond and picking up a recorder to record your lectures. Whether you’re looking at a pencorder, or a handheld USB recorder, you’d be better off saving your money and dropping only $0.99 on the CaptureAudio app for the iPhone and iPad.

Bruce Klein, AlphaDigits

What People Say

I’ve been using this app for several years, as a professional student. It is one of the best apps that I use on a daily basis. Studying is a breeze!

App Store Reviewer

What People Say

CaptureNotes is a notes app that works the way it should on an iPad. It’s not just straight notes, as it takes advantage of the options you have, such as audio and importing images. The options are so numerous, that it allows you to make it work the way you need it to for you.

Laura Tucker, MakeTechEasier

What People Say

CaptureNotes distinguishes itself from the competition is in its ability to let you organize your notes.

Joel Mathis, PC World

What People Say

CaptureAudio is a fantastic and powerful app for recording voice memos and other audio.

Christine Chan, AppAdvice.com

What People Say

CaptureNotes is an app that every student should have on their iPad.

Angela LaFollette, 148Apps

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Whether you’re a college student trying to take great class notes or a busy professional looking for improved team meetings,
we share good ideas to get more done in less time. Work smarter with CaptureNotes, CaptureAudio and our recommendations.

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