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CaptureAudio & CaptureNotes make notetaking smarter than ever.

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for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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Record, Flag, Recall

Much more than a simple voice recorder, with CaptureAudio you’ll mark important points in your recordings allowing for quick and accurate recall at playback.


You want ease…

We have you covered with CaptureAudio.

  • Easy to Record

  • Easy to Navigate

  • Easy to Playback

CaptureAudio will have you productive quickly and easily .






Stay in Sync

CaptureAudio provides the ability to keep multiple devices in sync… enable Dropbox Sync and new recordings and changes update automatically.

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Here’s a quick demo of what CaptureAudio provides… great benefits for such a small price!

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Don’t forget the fantastic…




Your Notes, Your Way

Take better notes by using any combination of audio, handwritten and typed notes. All in ONE place.

Flags Mark the Spot

Save review time with Flags, marking important issues with a single swipe of your finger.



A few words on using CaptureNotes…

iOS: Taking notes on the iPad can be a pretty painful process, but CaptureNotes 2 makes it much easier. Colored flags for different notes, audio recording while you type or write on-screen, photo support, and support for Evernote and Dropbox syncing are all available, perfect for a school-bound student or meeting-bound office worker.

Alan HenryLifeHacker

I have tried many writing apps. I like to both type and write and I use it both for work and home. This app is almost PERFECT!! … The record and mark it in the notes is amazing! Get this app! You won’t be disappointed!

Kc111111Great Application!! ★★★★★

CaptureNotes is just a tap away.